Double your YouTube traffic with OVOB

OVOB is one video, one blog.

Simply post the link to your blog at the top of every video description and embed the video at the top of every blog (just like we did here).

In this article I will show you how our MGN TV channel on YouTube doubled its traffic using one technique: OVOB. We received nearly 50% of our views from external traffic, namely search engine traffic and clicks to our website.

MGN TV is both a new YouTube channel at and a new blog at that we created to test the OVOB strategy of one video, one blog. You can see at 1:59 in the video, and in the screenshot above, that we increased our traffic by a whopping 47%!

To test this theory, we went to YouTube analytics, then clicked “See more” and “Traffic source”. You will see “External”, this is the number of video views on your YouTube channel from off-YouTube sources.

We are currently getting more views from external sources than from YouTube searches, thanks to OVOB!

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