Create free YouTube channel art – Canva

In this tutorial, we cover how to create YouTube Channel Art with, a website with free (and paid) browser based design software and templates.

Before you head over to Canva, I recommend reviewing the image below.  It indicates the various sizes and break points for your Youtube art.  Both the size and the positioning of your art is very important when considering your end design.

I recommend downloading the following image by right-clicking on it and selecting “Save image as”.

Use the image to determine if your typography or logo are within the text and logo safe area.

Next, head over to Canva and begin creating your art.

Next, you will see a bunch of templates – go down to “all results”. Next, go through the various templates and select one that appeals to you. Note: some templates are paid, or have paid components.

Finally, when your design is ready, head to the top right of Canva and download your design as a PNG image. Then head over to your YouTube account and upload your new channel art.

That’s it!

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